Adult & Elderly Social Care

Hervines Adult Care aims to support clients that provide care to people through working age to retirement, encouraging more independent living and fulfilled lives. We offer diverse internal operational support for businesses across the sector specialisms (LD, MH, physical disabilities, ABI, rehab etc.), as well as working with external parties including Local Authorities, CQC and other bodies to ensure the efficient working of every business, whilst the focus is retained on delivering quality care.

Key benefits

Cost Saving
Initially looking to encourage more independent living and fulfilled lives by providing a Diverse Care Proposition for adults with mental health needs, physical disabilities and learning disabilities.
Financial Advantage
Working with the local authorities to deliver quality care and accommodation that is required but cognisant of budget constraints to achieve positive outcomes for individuals.
Integrating with the local community, charities and organisations.

The Hervines Vision:  Bringing Pathway Care to people in a dynamic way that adapts to the individuals needs as they evolve through their life focusing on independent living whilst prioritising safety and quality of lifestyle

Karim Karmali, Partner

Core Services

Hervines will look to provide “best in class” care with best practices ensuring:
Care worker competency & confidence to operate to support individuals.
Care worker competency & confidence to operate to support individuals.
Technology led promoting safer and more independent lifestyles
Care monitoring, assistance and well-being.
Environmental and Sustainable focus
Providing appropriate accommodation within care homes and then on to supported living, or elsewhere in the community.
Open and transparent policy
Sharing best practice with local authorities and other providers, whilest Listening and learning (complaints procedures, internal reviews, external inspections, quality checks and external comparisons).