External Finance Function

Hervines External Finance Function offers an efficient and cheaper alternative to an internal Finance Function by providing a more effective professional outsourced finance package. Our solutions are built to match the requirements of your business at whatever stage in the lifecycle they are, with a range of facilities and options available that can grow with your needs, and delivered by experienced Corporate professionals.

Key benefits

Saving cost
World class talent at a substantial saving to the cost of an internal team.
Financial Advantage
Lower overheads through reduced staff and employee management.
Access to a specialist and highly experienced Finance team who are able to provide all your financial information and needs.
Reduced operational complexity allowing management focus to on the strategy and growth of the underlying Care business.
Brand Development
Personalised brand design and web development to optimise brand equity in customer-based experiences.
No concerns with cover for holidays.
Reduced operational complexity allowing management focus to on the strategy and growth of the Care business

We take a Lifecycle approach at Hervines to deliver a suitable finance package to address the specific business needs, now and in the future.  Our view is to build long term relationships to support the financial operations of the company to improve efficiency and profit whilst complementing the strategic vision

Rikesh Saujani, Partner

Core Services

Finance Infrastructure
  • Build & review robust Finance processes
  • Provide basic services including Payroll and bookkeeping
  • Set up & integrate 3rd party systems into company infrastructure
  • Manage Procurement and Pension requirements
Reporting and Forecasting
  • Cashflow projections and management
  • Budgeting & Scenario analysis.
  • Management reporting for all stakeholders
Stakeholder Management
  • Funding management & access to Government schemes
  • Audit management & Tax computation
  • Regulator & Local Authority requirements
Brand & Web Development
  • Existing branding and web design analysis
  • Personalised branding and web design package
  • Web development and social media management  
  • Creating usable digital experiences for customers