Hervines Healthcare

Hervines Healthcare offers a unique partnership solution to support the delivery of the NHS LTP using a flexible suite of options to respond to individual NHS Trust/ICS needs in a dynamic way. An integrated team of specialist professionals with the capability to holistically deliver an array of capacity, operational and capital solutions to help NHS Trusts/ICS’s achieve their strategic goals

Key benefits

Problem Solving
Solving pain points with the Executive, Estates, Operational & Clinical Teams to ensure Trust/ICS wide buy in.
Delivering flexible capacity, facilities, and services to support Trust/ICS’s needs.
Providing an array of flexible development & funding options to optimise estate value and meet Trust/ICS’s goals.
Control of land/asset options retained with the Trust/ICS to optimise value, raise funds, income and/or improve services.
Working with a single consolidated project partner to maximise the Capital and Capacity solutions for the Trust/ICS.

Hervines Healthcare offers the support of an integrated team of specialist professionals with a vast array of skills and experiences to support a holistic approach to work in partnership with the NHS & ICS’s to help achieve their strategic goals, to maximise and protect their estate value, deliver operational capacity, productivity, quality and improved patient outcomes together

Boda Gallon, Consultant

Core Services

Hervines builds a strategic alliance to support a Trust/ICS’s goals and help deliver:
NHS Trust / ICS
Accessing trusted external investment to maximise capital value & flexible long-term income.
Financial Review & Scenario Building
  • Financial Modelling for optimum decision making
  • Optimising Capital Receipts and/or Long-term Income
Funding options:
  • Development funding
  • Refinancing capabiity
  • Long Term Debt
  • Working Capital facilities
Joint Venture Partnerships:
  • Bringing long term institutional capital to deliver projects
  • Access to right capital partners for all situations
Providing additional, flexible capacity to meet demand for patient, family, key-worker, and wider social care needs.
Design Options
  • Expertise to outline all practical options within the space available to provide the required operational solutions and services
  • Partner to deliver the most appropriate solution for the Estate
  • Drive ‘Pull through’ incentives at each stage of patient pathway to reduced costs & increase income
  • Deliver improved patient outcomes and experience
Service Solutions
  • Facilites Only
  • Full operational services  
  • Co-development & delivery options
  • Community Integration & Cross Sector Partnerships
  • Digital Transformation
Coordinating with a single consolidated team to deliver best practice in operations, development, & funding.
Hervines integrated team delivers holistic partnership solutions:
  • Acute & Primary Care experience
  • Public/Private development and operational partnerships
  • Delivering and Operating Private Hospitals, Rehabilitation & Care Centres across the UK.
  • Working closely with Senior Trust & LA’s Executives
  • STP Integrated Healthcare agenda supported by delivering Extra Care facilities on Trust land
  • Over £300M of healthcare capital raised and projects delivered
  • 350 years of combined experience
  • Extensive network